About Us

Family business

James Eckhoff, founder of Tenmile, started in the industry in 2001 at a large family-run landscape installation company in Northern Virginia. During his time there, he learned all aspects of the industry, beginning in the field and eventually becoming a landscape designer.

Looking to grow more in the industry, James moved into a large national landscape maintenance company. While he learned more about the business of landscape maintenance, he still felt that something was missing.

James married Sarah in 2010 and they moved to Breckenridge, CO. In Breckenridge, James worked for a high-end residential landscape installation company. It was during this time that he realized his passion for building and maintaining residential landscapes.

With their two sons, James and Sarah moved from Breckenridge to Charlotte in 2014 to be closer to family. While Breckenridge is an amazing and wonderful place with wonderful people, there is nothing like being close to family.

They purchased a home in Stonehaven and added one more child to the clan in 2017. Their family loves the outdoors and spends the majority of their free time camping, mountain biking, running, fishing or doing anything that involves the outdoors.